July 19, Charles Herron Freestyle Fridays Artwork by SInceEighty6


South Bronx native Charles Herron is an MC's MC. A true once in a generation talent with the patience , motivation and unapologetic expression in his art to genuinely connect with any human breathing on "Their" level. A Producer/ Studio Engineer by trade, Charles is unique in his ability to move between worlds seamlessly, from records that are more from his boom bap NY style Hip-Hop , to more the contemporary , Trap , Drill etc. To Charles it's all expression and emotion through sound who specializes in Hearing Colors''. His stage acumen has earned him the right to share the stage with High Level acts such as Wu-Tang , Redman , Future , Donald Glover, and Cee Lo Green to name a few . He has worked with numerous legends in a writing or collaborative capacity such as Camp Lo , Ski Beatz , Kil Ripkin , etc. Though he has been at it for over two decades his first official release "Herron's Melody" dropped on SinceEighty6 Records and was distributed by Empire. That experience gave him the confidence and affirmed his place in the game. His long time trio "Tha Night Hawks" based out of Charlotte NC has a large underground following with soulful boom bap records for true heads and beat diggers. Charles's newest endeavor, however is a group group called "Artz & Kraftz" which he uses to service his more bespoque fans....He is the WAVE ...a seasoned veteran with youthful charm and looks. His infectious energy and his music is a pandemic..If you want a party rockin , if you want crowds to be truly entertained with everything from gritty NY BX street tales to problems with his wife and kids to just TURNING THE FUCK UP ..You Came to the right place. Give the music a listen and let the beats bang.